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Monday, September 22, 2008


Have you ever had a day where it seems like nothing goes right? Where you just seem to fail at whatever you do? Everyone annoys you for no reason at all and you get mad at them for that non-existent reason?
I hate those kind of days.
But today was exactly that kind of day. And I have a feeling this whole week will be like that. I want to fast forward and go to next week, or the week after. I'm not saying I just want to skip a half of my life and go to whenever we have breaks for school, I actually enjoy school. Even though that sounds weird. I love (most) of the people and enjoy learning (nerdy enough for you?). I just feel like we have WAY too much pressure put on us and, I'm going to be honest, it sucks.

Homecoming? I think I like the idea of Homecoming and getting ready for it more than the actual dance. For instance, this year I'm much more excited for the party beforehand than Homecoming. Is that weird? I also look forward to Homecoming week more than Homecoming night. It just seems so much more exciting. And for once our entire school shows immense school spirit. Oh, and our teachers slack on us a lot. Except for AP classes which don't know the definition of "no homework" and "slacking" but that's what I signed up for, right?